SSC Deliver 19 Tonne Truss

Structural Steel Craft have manufactured the 1st of 2 Trusses, 18m long and a hefty 19 tonnes. This is an abnormal load and delivery had to be made during the night to be offloaded in the morning.

Clearly Structural Steel Craft are not so small any more!

19 Tonne Truss delivered by SSC


Royal Academy of Music Refurbishment Continues

Refurbishment at the Royal Academy of Music is going well.

With most refurbishments there are tricky obstacles to overcome, but with our refurbishment expertise and experience we can deal with a great majority of these obstacles.

Here you can see part of a multiple walk-through window frame.

Walk-through window frame at the Royal Academy of Music

Walk-through window frame at the Royal Academy of Music


Splash Tower at Butlins


Structural Steel Craft are extending the height of the splash tower at the famous Butlins resort in Bognor Regis.

This comprised of cutting the roof off, erecting all new columns and then re-attaching the roof to complete the project.

Extending the splash tower at Butlins


Hackney Town Hall Lift Shafts

Welcome to a bright New Year and another new project. Hackney Town Hall in London require 2 lift shafts fully encased in glass. Structural Steel Craft detailed these lift shafts using Advance Steel software.

Hackney Town Hall lift shaft projects