Spiral Staircase Design and Manufacture

An interesting project for Bryen Langley. They are currently renovating Goldsmith University in London, and Structural Steel Craft have been offered the opportunity to design, manufacture and install the main feature spiral staircase.

The whole staircase must be planned and created in a way that all elements can fit through a normal size doorway!

Spiral staircase design and manufacture


Challenging Project for Wates

A challenging project for Wates Construction Ltd. The project features some 15m long by 4m tall trusses as well as several fabricated beams.

Structural Steel Craft is undertaking the full package including installation of Comfloor 210 Metal decking.

Challenging project for Wates Construction

Challenging project for Wates Construction plans


Recently Completed Jobs

Some recently completed jobs we have carried out for local customers. These have been completed while work continues on our larger projects.

We take pride in making sure all our work, whatever the size, is carried out to the highest standards.

Recently completed jobs

Recently completed jobs

Recently completed jobs


External Staircases at Foley Street

We are nearing completion of the external staircases at Foley Street, London.

This is a challenging staircase, supported on just 3 central columns and rising up to 7 floors. Structural Steel Craft have carried out the entire package, including structural design.

External staircases at Foley Street

External staircases at Foley Street


Expanded Production Capabilities

Due to increased demand for our services and expertise, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our production capabilities.

This will allow us to accommodate a larger volume of projects whilst maintaining the high standards of efficiency that our clients are used to.

Expanded production capabilities at SSC